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Cuisinart DLC-10 Expanded Feedtube Sleeve Part

Cuisinart DLC-10 Expanded Feedtube Sleeve Part

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This expandable sleeve fits inside of the chute on your DLC-10 workbowl cover. The sleeve consists of two plastic parts that sit inside one another and that cannot be separated, but expand like a telescope.  The sleeve must be locked into your lid for your motor to engage.  This is an important safety feature. 

Note: This sleeve works with the old DLC-10 Lexan workbowl cover and the newer DLC-10 Tritan workbowl cover.

A small white pusher drops down inside of the sleeve in order to help push food down.  The pusher is sold separately. 

If you are trying to replace your expanded sleeve and it does not have the 2 prongs that extend from one side like the one shown here, then you will need to update your entire top assembly (including the sleeve, pusher, workbowl and workbowl lid).  We sell these parts in a convenient 4 piece kit.  

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