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Cuisinart DLC-8 Tritan Flat Workbowl Cover Part

Cuisinart DLC-8 Tritan Flat Workbowl Cover Part

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Your Cuisinart Food Processor can cut your chopping and dicing time in half! The flat workbowl cover is the perfect solution for chopping, pureeing, and emulsifying. It works with your metal chopping blade and your dough blade, but cannot be used with any disc blades. It features a convenient round feed tube right in the center which will allow you to add ingredients to your processor as the machine is running. When you do not need the feedtube, simply cover it up with the included cap closure.

Note: This cover has four tabs around the rim, which means it can only be used with the updated DLC-8 Tritan workbowls which also have the four tabs. This cover will not work with the DLC-2011 series or non-Tritan version DLC-8 bowls.

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