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Cuisinart DLC-8 and DLC-7 Model Expanded Sleeve

Cuisinart DLC-8 and DLC-7 Model Expanded Sleeve

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The Cuisinart DLC-8 and DLC-7 expanded sleeve fits inside of the chute on the workbowl cover.  It consists of two parts that nestle inside one another and cannot be separated, but they do expand and contract like a telescope. This sleeve features two clear prongs that connect with the workbowl cover to engage the motor. Without this sleeve securely in place, your food processor will not operate. It can also be used with the small white pusher, which fits inside of the inner sleeve and assists in pushing ingredients through.

Note: The small white pusher is sold separately.

This sleeve is not compatible with the DLC-7E series, the DLC-8E series, or the DLC-8F series.

*It is not compatible with the updated Tritan DLC-7 & DFP-14 lid.

If you have a DLC-7 model and only need to replace the sleeve, confirm that your current sleeve resembles the one shown here and has the two prongs extending on one side.  One prong will be longer than the other.  If it does, this will likely be a compatible replacement.

If you need to replace more than just the sleeve on your DLC-7 model (i.e. the workbowl and/or the workbowl cover), you will need to purchase the full DLC-7 & DFP-14 4-Piece Tritan kit, which contains a completely different sleeve than the one shown here.

If you have a DLC-8 model and you are trying to find a replacement for a sleeve that does not have the 2 plastic prongs on one side, then you must purchase the updated DLC-8 4-Piece Tritan kit.  

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