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Cuisinart DLC-10 Tritan Workbowl and Cover Part

Cuisinart DLC-10 Tritan Workbowl and Cover Part

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The 7-cup capacity DLC-10 Tritan replacement set includes both the updated Tritan workbowl, and the updated Tritan workbowl cover you need to effectively utilize your processor. They are both made with BPA-free Tritan plastic and feature 4 interlocking rim tabs that hold the cover securely in place. 

Note: The expandable sleeve and the small white pusher are sold separately. The expandable sleeve is required in order for the motor to engage with this workbowl. If you would like to purchase all four parts (the workbowl, the workbowl cover, the expandable sleeve, and the small food pusher), you can get them all in the DLC-10 4-piece Tritan Bowl Kit set.

This set is not compatible with the DLC-10E or the DLC-10F.

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