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Cuisinart DLC-7 and DFP-14 4-Piece Tritan Bowl Kit Part

Cuisinart DLC-7 and DFP-14 4-Piece Tritan Bowl Kit Part

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This 4-piece Tritan bowl kit is made of BPA-free plastic and contains the following:

  • 14-cup Tritan workbowl
  • Tritan workbowl cover
  • Oval sleeve
  • Small clear pusher

The workbowl and cover lock together with their four corresponding rim tabs. The oval sleeve guides your ingredients safely toward the blade, and the small clear pusher helps you to get food closer to the blade without risking your fingers. The workbowl has a metal rod and the oval sleeve has a metal spike which inserts into the cover engaging your machine.

Note: THIS KIT IS NOT COMPATIBLE with the DLC-7E machine. 

If you have the following series the complete kit should be compatible:


DLC-7P or Pro

DLC-7S or Super Pro






If you need to replace your workbowl or lid for the DLC-7 series model, then you will need to purchase this 4-piece kit. Cuisinart has made many updates to the replacement parts, and they must be used together in order to operate effectively.  Old DLC-7 assembly parts are not interchangeable or compatible with the new updated Tritan parts. 

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