About the Cuisinart Food Processor 7 Series (DLC-7)

The Cuisinart Food Processor 7 Series is also known as the “Custom 14” or “Deluxe 14” due to its large 14-cup work bowl capacity. This series includes the following models:

  • DLC-7
  • DLC-7E
  • DLC-7M
  • DLC-7P
  • DLC-7S
  • DLC-7 Super Pro
  • DLC-7FC
  • DLC-2014 (Oval Base)
  • DFP-14
  • DFP-14N
  • DFP-14BCN,

It is important to note that Cuisinart updated their manufacturing materials in early 2016, opting for a BPA-free plastic known as Tritan. While Tritan parts are more durable than previous replacement parts, this update also resulted in Cuisinart changing or discontinuing many parts. 

If you’re looking for replacement parts for your Series 7 food processor, please read the following disclaimers carefully. They will help you find the part that is most compatible with your machine.

Work Bowls and Covers

If you need to replace your work bowl or work bowl cover, you will need to purchase the DFP-14 & DLC-7 4-Piece Tritan Bowl Kit. The current DLC-7 Tritan work bowl is not compatible with any previous generation of work bowl cover or sleeve.

Our kit is compatible with all DLC-7 blades, discs, and accessories and almost any DLC-7 machine base. However, it is NOT compatible with the DLC-7E series machines.


Cuisinart offers two types of replaceable sleeves: an expanded sleeve and a non-expanding sleeve. 

You will need to purchase an expanded sleeve if your current sleeve consists of two sliding oval parts permanently locked together, or if the sleeve has two clear plastic vertical prongs extending down from the side.

You will need to purchase a non-expanding sleeve if your current sleeve has only one metal prong extending down from the side.

NOTE: If you currently have an expanded sleeve that does not match either of the above descriptions, double check that your machine is a DLC-7 (here are several methods to identify your series number). If your food processor IS a DLC-7, your sleeve and work bowl are first generation — which means they cannot be replaced individually. Instead, opt for the DFP-14 & DLC-7 4-Piece Tritan Bowl Kit!

You can check out both expanded sleeves and non-expanding sleeves in our online store, and you can click here to view our available DLC-7 parts and accessories.