About the Cuisinart Food Processor 10 Series (DLC-10)

The Cuisinart Food Processor 10 Series, also known as the ‘Prep 7’ or ‘Pro Classic,’ is the most popular of all the Cuisinart food processors on the market today. 

With a 7-cup capacity, this food processor is ideal for both everyday use and when you need to cook for a crowd. And if you need replacement parts for this beauty, Kitchen Works USA is here to help!

The 10 Series contains the following models:

  • DLC-10
  • DLC-10E 
  • DLC-10P 
  • DLC-10S
  • DLC-2007 (Oval Base)

In some cases, you might be able to use the purchase date of your machine to determine which generation your food processor (and your parts) belonged to. However, keep in mind that the age of your motor is not an indicator of the generation of your parts, and it’s preferable to use the model number to find the right replacements.


  • The DLC-2007 was a limited edition version of the 10 series that featured an oval base. Therefore, this machine is not compatible with standard 10 Series bowls, covers, or feedtubes. The DLC-2007 will accept other 10 Series replacement parts.
  • The latest Tritan work bowl and work bowl cover are NOT compatible with the DLC-10E, DLC-10F series machine. You will need to make sure that you purchase the correct DLC-10 Tritan work bowl or work bowl cover. You can check out a kit for both here

You can click here to view our available DCL-10 parts.